Good Health    
 relies on healthy feet !

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  • Top quality Custom  Orthotics / Sports Orthotics . 
  • Footcare Advice / Full Chiropody Service .
  • Quality Comfort and Orthopaedic Footwear .
  • Specialising in wide fitting footwear to any size.
  • Correct shoe sizing of feet / Footwear advice . 
  • Full range of Richie Brace and DAFO ankle foot orthotics. 
  • Exercise Programs / All footcare products

The Importance of Strong Foundation.

Every solid building must have a solid foundation to support and distribute the stress applied to it by the structure above.As the foundations for your body your feet are no different they must be able to withstand the pressures of day to day life without causing you discomfort or pain.

During standing and walking our bodies are subjected to the natural forces that can inflicit mechanical stress and strain throughout our joints incorrect foot alignment can be the cause of many foot related problems related problems and can also affect our joints such as our knees hips and spine , this imbalance must be removed to achieve inproved postural alignment and proper foot function this is where custom orthotics are prescribed to help accomodate structural irregularities allowing your feet knees hips and back in short the whole body to function correctly.
More and more everyday are suffering from any of the conditions in listed proper foot function is a necessity in these busy times as the the feet profoundly affect the postural alignment of our bodies.
The complete footcare clinic  are three footcare clinics
providing a comprehensive premium quality friendly
and professional top class footcare service to all our patients .
Declan Healy is a registered Podiatrist for 18 years in the
podiatry footcare industry gaining extensive clinical experience from working in podiatry and orthotics  .
When you attend our clinics the difference is you are seen by a registered foot practitioner specialising in all aspects of podiatry, footcare,footwear,orthotics and ankle foot orthotics  . 


                        Conditions Treated.

 What is Podiatry.   
 Podiatry means podos-foot,iatros - physician, it the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis treatment and prevention of diseases of the human foot.
It deals with the relationship between foot disorders and misalignments of the legs and how foot disorders affect lower limb movements in many situations the foot,knee,hip and back pains can be attributed to the way the feet oriented and the way someone stands, walks and runs.
When pain is presented in feet lower limb or back we can assess you and orthotics are used to correct misalignments of the feet.